Unintended Strangers Share ‘Forget’. “Intense moments, remembered, and relived again.”

Self-titled Debut EP available now.

By CHF STAFF on 02/24/2019


Heartfelt and genuine, the lyrics of ‘Forget’ is a touch away from the realities we’d dreamed we’d deal with the world. A strong and anthemic promise to the heart, UNINTENDED STRANGERS expresses beautifully the sentiments that challenge and forge new layers of our personal ambitions.

The love that is in front of you.

The love that is behind you.

The nods of intense moments, remembered, and relived again.

And again.

Something that hurts, but hard to let go.

Indie-folk duo Robert Griffin (U.S) and Chloe Danz (New Zealand) met on the Internet, and their mutual love of acoustic and song writing culminated to songs just like ‘Forget’. Reminiscent of the unguarded feelings of innocence emanated by artists like Alison Krauss, ‘Forget’ keeps that tradition alive by focusing its hard fought energies deeply embedded into each word of the song. The most genuine expressions replicate through Chloe’s vocals, dancing on the acoustic guitar’s natural gifts of sobriety and musical decadence.

From opposite sides of the globe, Robert and Chloe has managed to bring some honest love in music form.



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